domingo, julio 08, 2007

MySql en el ISeries

Publicado en Maxed Out, el blog sobre ISeries de SystemI Networks: IBM llegó a un acuerdo con la compañia MySql AB para integrar DB2 con MySql. Básicamente, DB2 será certificado como un motor capaz de tratar los datos de MySql:

There's nothing wrong with DB2, but it turns out IBM has a killer answer: DB2 for i5/OS will become a certified MySQL storage engine, which will let you implement online and transactional MySQL applications but store the data in DB2.
Basically, existing DB2-based applications will be be able to access MySQL application data, and existing DB2 data can be accessed by new MySQL applications. Here's a slide that shows the associations.

La decisión se vincula también con la ya adoptada de dar soporte a PHP en el ISeries:
(...) since PHP developers tend to be keen on the MySQL database, the move makes implicit sense.
In the first year of availability, PHP for i5/OS has been downloaded about 5,000 times. IBM System i General Manager Mark Shearer noted in the keynote at COMMON that PHP has been exceptionally popular in Japan, but he didn't get into other specific geographies or details. It's still hard to say how many of those 5,000 downloads represent significant development efforts. (I'll have to catch up with Zend here at COMMON and see if I can get something more definitive out of them.)
In any event, the MySQL move will essentially bring thousands of open source MySQL and PHP applications to the System i, not to mention a whole new set of developers and potential DBAs — see "When Pros Become Cons: The System i DBA."
In addition, there are a lot of sizable companies, including Google and Yahoo! that use MySQL for high-volume business applications, so the potential for solutions isn't limited to dinky little modules.
The PHP and MySQL System i efforts, Shearer noted, is "a great example of us trying to stay relevant with the technologies supported in the System i platform."
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