miércoles, junio 19, 2013

Privacidad de datos y Cloud Computing

del último número de Dr Dobb's, comentario de un usuario:
 From the beginning, I have always questioned the pros and cons of the cloud and their services. I have my doubts concerning security, privacy, corporate fortitude, and price and rule changes of cloud providers. Your discussions have moved me further away from these services and have added extra nails to their coffin.
— JLONERO8255, Dr. Dobb's member
Expresado en las respuestas y comentarios al artículo Through a PRISM darkly.

Del propio artículo:
The first and most profound effect will be a serious reconsideration of the wisdom of putting data into the public cloud. The previous argument for migrating data and apps to the cloud was that cloud hosts, such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, are much better at defending their systems from hackers than most corporate IT departments are. This view is supported by the contention that those companies can afford to hire hundreds of security professionals to provide the necessary protection, vigilance, and intelligent response — while most IT organizations can hire perhaps a few dozen, with no real ability to scale response in times of attack.
This argument, taken by itself, is still valid. However, it can no longer be taken by itself. A new dimension has appeared; namely, that the government can more or less at will see the contents of communications and data held on servers at cloud hosts. The important factor is that the government can gain this access without ever notifying the target company that its data has been copied to government servers.
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