domingo, marzo 11, 2007

Una Wiki sobre PHP en el ISeries

IBM encara en el caso de PHP la nueva vía de construír conocimiento en torno a un tema: recurrir a una wiki, para que la comunidad de usuarios comparta su experiencia en un área nuevo para el AS/400 (luego ISeries):
Welcome to Redwiki, the site for Redbooks in Wiki format!

The objective of this residency it to update an existing redbook that describes the installation, configuration, porting issues (of other PHP applications to the iSeries), performance tips, and known best practices. The goal is to add more hands-on information that has been learned from experience with the product: code examples, tips and techniques, troubleshooting information, etc.

The ITSO is conducting this residency to create a deliverable that uses Wiki technology, as it is used by sites such as Wikipedia. You can be a part of a leading-edge pilot on a new way of delivering quality technical documentation. This residency is open to customers, business partners and IBM employees.

Note that this is not a typical residency. You will be working from your own location, as your time permits. This residency is slated as a three-month project, but we do not expect that you will be working on this full time. We do, however, expect individuals who are involved in this project to make significant contributions to the Wiki. In addition, unlike a typical residency where we have only 3 to 6 residents, for this project, we are looking for a much larger number of authors - perhaps as many as 20 people - who can work part time on the project.

If you would like to participate in this project, please visit this link and register as a resident. Describe why you would like to take part, and what you feel you have to offer to the project.

Los Red Books son los libros técnicos de casi todos los recursos disponibles de IBM. Este es el primer caso en que IBM utiliza a este nivel una wiki para crear conocimiento (Al menos, hasta donde conozco). En casos como éste, donde los usuarios pertenecen a una comunidad relativamente cerrada, la calidad de los aportes incorporados está casi garantizada.
Se puede consultar en PDF el Red Book al que se pretende extender. La wiki en sí, aquí.
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