martes, noviembre 28, 2006

PHP en el AS/400

Por si no lo sabía...Hasta hace muy poco, no era posible usar PHP en un ISeries (o AS/400, o I5). Desde abril de este año, esto ha cambiado: Zend Technologies Ltd ofrece ahora una implementación. El artículo en IBM developer ofrece información introductoria y de implementación.
PHP on System i is a great benefit to small and medium businesses. After understanding the basic background and architecture types of PHP, you can download and install thousands of available applications on System i, either by themselves or with a supported database. There are considerations when porting an application from the MySQL database to DB2, such as database connectivity. However, the cutting edge, low-cost applications that PHP offers combined with the solid System i platform and DB2 database make a strategic choice for any growing business.
Características actuales de la implementación (dada una, probablemente veremos otras):
System i users have several issues to consider when choosing an open source application. The first and probably most direct issue is selecting from the diversity of existing applications. Zend Core is the only PHP engine currently available for i5/OS on the System i platform. Before installing Zend Core, you need to install 13 licensed programs included with the System i software package (see Table 1). The introduction of the Zend Core framework for i5/O has greatly simplified installation of PHP on System i computers. Zend's setup tool provides the System i platform with the PHP engine, Apache HTTP Web server, DB2 native support, and Web GUI administration.
The Zend Core product is a free, licensed product. The installation involves creating a SAVF file on the System i and copying the Zend Core to the file in binary. The Zend Core includes detailed instructions with its download from the company Web site (see Resources).
By installing Zend Core, the associated PHP Apache Web server is configured. You can easily perform additional customization of the framework using the GUI administration page through a Web browser. The Zend PHP engine is currently supported only on i5/OS Version 5 Release 4.

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