martes, octubre 10, 2006

Historia viva del software

Scott Rosenberg inicia la publicación de materiales dedicados a la discusión de materiales importantes en la historia del desarrollo del software, con la particularidad de mantener una discusión abierta sobre cada ensayo o tema abordado:
This is the inaugural edition of Code Reads, a weekly discussion of some of the central essays, documents and texts in the history of software. This week we're talking about Frederick Brooks's The Mythical Man-Month
During the years I spent researching Dreaming in Code, I accumulated a veritable mountain of reading material on the topic of software development, the history of programming, project management and so on. (I even read much, though certainly not all, of it!) There is, plainly, a core set of books, documents and texts that trace the evolution of this subject; I also gathered some unusual obscurities and overlooked offshoots.

Only a small fraction of this material made its way into Dreaming in Code itself, which is a narrative tale of the ups and downs of one project, set in the context of the longer history of the field. I've been trying to figure out a good way to share my discoveries, spark some interesting discussion and contribute a lasting resource to the Web based on the work I've already done and the reading I continue to do.

Here's my plan: Every week I'm going to announce a topic — usually, a text or document, in many cases easily accessible online; a week later, I'll post some thoughts, notes and ideas about the topic, and open the floor in comments for you to throw your two cents in. If all goes well, together we'll build a handy annotated reading list for curious developers and interested outsiders — and maybe have some fun along the way.

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