domingo, octubre 08, 2006

Dos palabras más sobre SAP, Oracle, y SOA

Henning Kagermann, en la nota de Wharton mencionada antes, habla de su Enterprise Services Architecture, como su elección para el uso de servicios web. Tony Baer, de onStrategies, menciona, reforzando las palabras de Kagelmann, las soluciones de SAP y Oracle, y cómo las soluciones middleware , como BEA, se aproximan a la misma visión, para soportar aplicaciones "compuestas":

With the emergence of SOAs, it’s become thinkable to tie bits and pieces from the same system, or disparate systems, together into so-called composite applications. You can use third party tools, like business process management systems to tie things together, or you can buy prepackaged composite apps, like SAP’s xApps.

And if you take SOA seriously, you start thinking about breaking down those packaged software monoliths into federated services that could loosely couple with whatever else is out there. In other words, SOA gives best of breed a new lease on life.

Oracle’s Fusion architecture is being designed to decouple enterprise apps into services. SAP’s Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) forms the blueprint on how its apps will be exposed. However, exposing apps as services that can readily integrate with third party offerings does not mean that SAP, Oracle, et al are ready to cede account control. Just the opposite – they intend to play the hub in larger playing field.

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