sábado, diciembre 02, 2006

Borland: el cambio viene de afuera

Borland estudia cambios en su estrategia comercial y de desarrollo. Un comentario de Methods & Tools en sus noticias (Facts, noviembre) describe el actual escenario para los participantes históricos:
Borland is separating its development tools group (DTG) in a new subsidiary
named CodeGear. As a subsidiary, the DTG will have its own sales and
marketing strategy. CodeGear will continue to develop the Developer Studio
and JBuilder products. The 2007 version of JBuilder will be built on
Borland decided earlier that it would like to sell its development tools
division, but, as they said themselves, they were not able to demonstrate
what they believe to be the true value of the business to several serious
bidders. The commercial development tool market is now facing many
difficulties. The main target platform is shifting from workstation to
web-based systems. This decreases the market for languages like C or Delphi
as people shift to PHP or Ruby. Open source tools like Eclipse or NetBeans
provide many functionalities for free. Many commercial editors (excepting
Microsoft) are also offering free editions of their tools. There are
enterprises willing to pay for collaborating features and support, but
those customers are also those that need the higher-costs marketing
efforts. This reduction of margins is responsible for the financial losses
suffered by Borland in the past quarters. My opinion is that the
subsidiary's goal is to provide a better visibility to both Borland and
potential buyers.

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