miércoles, julio 22, 2009

Workshop sobre OCL

A través de la lista de noticias del grupo MDD-MDA, Jordi Cabot informa sobre la próxima conferencia de ACM/IEEE sobre Lenguajes y Sistemas basados en Modelos (ACM/IEEE 12th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems). Particularmente, el anuncio está orientado a difundir y promover aportes al workshop sobre OCL. Este es un soporte básico del desarrollo de modelos, al menos en términos de OMG. La presentación del workshop describe su importancia y dá una idea de su estado actual:

In recent years, MDA and associated MDE methodologies, approaches and languages (like QVT) emphasized the role that OCL has to play in MDE development. Moreover, the modeling community is continuously pushing forward the OCL, far beyond its initial requirements as a precise modeling language complementing UML specifications. Now, OCL is used in quite different applications domains (e.g., domain-specific languages, web semantics) and for various purposes (e.g., model verification and validation, code generation, test-driven development, transformations).

This workshop will focus on the challenges of using OCL on these new domains and how the language needs to evolve to be successfully applied on them. In particular, we are interested in discussing

  • alternative notations/representations for OCL that simplify its application,
  • new textual/graphical languages that can complement/replace OCL,
  • new ways of writing OCL expressions (e.g., patterns, templates and libraries),
  • sharing OCL expressions and OCL know-how,
  • new domain-dependent evaluation and optimization strategies,
  • mappings from OCL to other languages and formalisms (Java, SQL, Alloy, Maude, constraint programming, ...)
  • and, of course, the tools that will make all of this possible.
Dos sitios relacionados son de interés:
Metamodel, que publicará los trabajos, y desarrolla actividades vinculadas a MDE, y MOdeling LAnguages, enfocado en MDE/MDA.

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