jueves, febrero 14, 2008

Yahoo, con aliento para seguir

Explicando a sus accionistas las razones del rechazo de la oferta de Microsoft, Jerry Yang apuesta todavía por la existencia de Yahoo. Yang valúa la empresa mirando el futuro próximo, estimando las oportunidades por venir, más allá de la crisis actual:
“We have a huge market opportunity — and are uniquely positioned to capitalize on it," Mr. Yang wrote. “The global online advertising market is projected to grow from $45 billion in 2007 to $75 billion in 2010. And we are moving quickly to take advantage of what we see as a unique window of time in the growth — and evolution — of this market to build market share and to create value for stockholders."
The New York Times resume puntos básicos de la carta a los accionistas:

In the letter, Mr. Yang listed what he said were Yahoo’s strengths, including the company’s recognized brand; the approximately 500 million monthly users of its services around the world; its dominance of the display advertising market online; and a long list of partnerships with top Web publishers like Comcast, eBay and some 600 newspapers.

Mr. Yang also noted the company’s strong cash position, and its ownership stakes in Yahoo Japan, and Alibaba, a Chinese Internet company.

The letter goes on to outline Yahoo’s strategy of becoming a starting point for the most consumers on the Web, and a "must buy" for advertisers, two points that he has emphasized multiple times with investors and analysts.

En este curso deben verse las rumoreadas negociaciones con Murdoch.
La carta completa, en Techcrunch.

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