lunes, mayo 21, 2007

Más sobre Aldon

IT Jungle publica un reportaje a David McGovern, de Marlin Equity, donde responde a preguntas sobre la empresa (Marlin) y sobre los planes acerca de Aldon. Si Aldon es buen negocio y da dividendos, progresará...
Marlin is interested in acquiring mature businesses that we think have strong management teams and are in consolidating industries. We look at businesses where revenues are driven either by having a mission-critical product or system, or brand power, or another defensible position. Despite the technology background that I have and the deals that we have done to date, we are focusing on three verticals. Technology will be the broadest and probably the most frequent area, but we are about to sign up a consumer deal and we are also focusing on healthcare businesses. Generally speaking, we are industry agnostic, so long as the company meets a certain profile for us.
(...) We expect to build out with Aldon in a very similar way that we have built out in ERP software. We feel very strongly that the iSeries portion of the market is not going anywhere any time soon[1], and more particularly around the product set, Aldon has a very dominant or strong position within the iSeries, and they also have products that surround that, which positions the company well for growth and which are not just geared for iSeries customers only. There's a lot of opportunity to sell into Unix, Linux, and Windows environments where the customer might be iSeries-centric, but also operates these other environments. There is also a large installed base of iSeries customers where you can upsell additional products.
[1] Luego corrije: lo que quiso decir:
[Timothy Prickett Morgan, el autor del reportaje]: That has been my experience too at IT Jungle. But can I give Marlin some advice? Can we not say that the System i or iSeries market is not going anywhere? There are obviously two different connotations to that phrase. . . . and this is how my kids are going to get to college.

David McGovern: We certainly agree that the iSeries market is not going away. We think that the iSeries market is going somewhere.

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