domingo, abril 29, 2007

Websydian Express en System INews

El número de abril 2007 de System INews trae un artículo dedicado a Websydian Express, la variante "stand alone" de Websydian, el mejor subproducto de Plex que existe en el mercado. Si bien no lo probé todavía, lo que leí sobre el Express muestra el aprovechamiento de Websydian como línea de producto (en el sentido del SEI SPL), ya que evidentemente está construído puliendo el conjunto de patrones del repositorio de Websydian (su "bill of materials"), tanto los patrones de presentación, como los de servicios de manejo de páginas o de soporte y arquitectura.
La presentación:
Websydian A/S, a Danish company, offers just such a timesaver called Websydian Express. It’s an off-the-shelf solution that lets you use RPG and legacy applications to build an e-business site with built-in security, user and role management tools, and functional prototyping to get input from end users on the site’s design. Better still, Websydian Express provides a framework that makes the website dynamic and simple to modify and doesn’t require a lot of technical skill to administer.
Websydian Express is a member of a family of products for web application development and deployment. It largely works via APIs that interface with existing back-end application source code and wizards that automate building many of the UI features, such as fi elds and buttons, by generating the necessary
HTML code without programmer intervention. Once users and managers sign off on the design, developers use Express tools to link process RPG code to fi elds, links, and buttons, and choose a style sheet. Then the site is ready to go, because Express also provides a ready-to-use website model with built-in automated
tools that use a Windows-like structure so nontechnical users can administer the site after it’s up and running.
(...) The final stage is live deployment and ongoing site administration. Site administrators can direct user and session management (including creating and changing user logons and passwords), integrity control, and error-recovery functions. Express facilitates error recovery by providing a log that tracks error messages. In addition, administrators can customize the website with different roles for customers, partners, and employees, and each role can have its own page layout. Express handles site security via rolebased authentication and electronic signatures that use Message Digest 2, a cryptographic hashing algorithm, and Websydian A/S recommends use of SSL certificates in addition.
Without programmer help, administrators can change, delete, and insert new menu items; add and delete business processes and page layouts; and differentiate page layouts based on user roles. And even after one business process has gone live, developers can prototype and publish new processes on the live site after the administrator accepts them without requiring any system downtime.
Una nota en la documentación del Express explica las diferencias de diseño e implementación de aplicaciones construídas con Websydian "plano", versus hacerlo con Express.

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