domingo, noviembre 01, 2009

Windows en nueva época

Vinnie Mirchandani en Deal Architect, citando a Rory Cellan-Jones, de BBC:

Windows 7: Winning Battle, Losing War?

“But here's a funny thing. By the end of the week, I looked at what I was doing on the tiny screen - and found that just about everything involved software not made by Microsoft. So I'd installed the Firefox browser in preference to Internet Explorer, and started writing documents using Google Docs rather than Microsoft Word, and checking my e-mail via Gmail. As for music, I'd installed iTunes, and to feed my social networking needs, I placed Tweetdeck on the taskbar.

I had ended up furnishing my new Windows 7 home with some familiar items from elsewhere - so perhaps the operating system matters less than it once did.” says Rory Cellan-Jones after reviewing the new software for BBC.

In general, the feedback about 7 is it’s more stable, faster than Vista.

But in the 5+ years Microsoft lost with Vista, the world has clearly moved on to SaaS, to social networks, to Roy and most other consumers will testify

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