domingo, septiembre 20, 2009

Desarrollo de aplicaciones y Web 2.0

Rescatado de Eclipse Zone, escrito por Zviki Cohen, el catorce de abril de 2008:
The Future

As I mentioned, there are some immediate benefits from having an online IDE, especially: no installation and instant deployment. IMHO, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are just a few thoughts of what we might expect:

  • Online IDEs open new capabilities of sharing and collaboration. Consider doing pair-programming with your colleague, which is sitting in another continent.
  • This can be even more useful when it comes to outsourcing and your coworker is an occasional developer. For example, I need the services of an expert DBA. I can find one online in elance and work together on my project immediately.
  • On-demand services open new possibilities: instead of buying a profiler for $500, maybe I'll just pay for the time which I'm using it.
  • Mash-ups: I can use Google Page Creator to design my project's web pages and Yahoo Pipes to define a web service. All as part of the same project. Today, Eclipse is already a mash-up of OSGi services. Tomorrow, it may be a mash-up of web services or REST.
  • All the online services I mentioned in this post had to developed their own IDEs. I'm sure future vendors will be more than happy to use an existing online IDE and develop plug-ins on top of it. As the number of online services provided grow, the need becomes more imminent.

I'm just guessing here, but it does open up new directions and opportunities.

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