jueves, octubre 09, 2008

Otro elogio del papel tecnológico de Argentina

Vinnie Mirchandan escribió un artículo elogioso sobre el capital técnico y humano en Argentina, pensando en "las próximas Bangalores":

"Outsourcing of Creative Work is to Argentina what Outsourcing of Programming is to India..."

While this report I wrote about last week, basically said forget country, focus on cities when it comes to global sourcing, a press release I saw this week says - wait, it's not either or. Country competence is still important when it comes to tech. It was talking about Argentina's focus on creative web design.

"The abundance of highly qualified people that look for work as a web designer, graphic designer, 3D specialist, animator and video developer is just stunning. ...Argentina has always had the highest cultural standing in South America. Buenos Aires is the center of South America for cabaret, cinema and TV productions. Recently MTV decided to move their regional head quarters to Buenos Aires. As one can guess, MTV is one of the most creative companies worldwide."

Fair point, and as we look around in technology there are definite signs of country competence.

For example - before Argentina gets too confident about its creative juices, check out this article about animation skills in Korea. And notice the article was dated over a decade ago. Taiwan, which contributes many components to the iPhone, and is home to HTC has like Finland, with Nokia made a name for itself in mobile world. Singapore has been establishing itself as a bio-medical hub. Israel leads in various security areas - though Estonia has been building its own cyber-security reputation. Brazil is being called the "Saudi Arabia of biofuels" - I saw ethanol used there in cars on a visit in 1984. Dubai is leading the Middle East with its innovation and architecture, construction and engineering. Philippines has made a name around call centers and increasingly other BPO.

I could go on and on.

Ok, country and city choice are both pretty important when it comes to global sourcing. And of course the vendor, and probably most importantly the vendor team.

Como no podía ser de otra manera (y ojalá un día alguien lo asuma), una de cal y otra de arena. El primer comentario a la nota de Vinnie apunta a las contras:

Argentina has extraordinarily difficult labor laws and unionization to navigate. Recommending it as a destination needs to be researched carefully with local labor attorneys and companies doing business there - even if you're going through a vendor.

While it's a wonderful and fascinating place to visit, their productivity and communication isn't as 'mature' as other destinations.

I agree cities play a major part in choice - there is a huge difference between Chenai and Bangalore (grid, transportation, competitive culture).

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