domingo, agosto 17, 2008

Steven Kelly sobre Microsoft, UML, DSL

Sin mucho tiempo en vacaciones + Beta Test de Plex 6.1, veo una contestación de Steven Kelly al giro de Microsoft hacia UML + DSL. Steven no comparte el cambio, pero creo que explica bien su naturaleza:

Now things start to become a little clearer! The UML models are being used like MDA's PIMs, and the DSL models are the PSMs. The DSLs are thus not specific to the problem domain, as they should be, but to the solution domain: they have the implementation concepts of a particular Microsoft framework or library. (I've blogged earlier about the problems of such framework-based DSLs.) Putting UML before DSLs in this way isn't just putting the cart before the horse: it's putting the horse firmly into the cart -- and pulling it yourself.

What makes this all the more ironic is how eager Microsoft were to put the boot into UML and MDA back at the start of the DSL Tools project.
Lo de "explicar bien su naturaleza" no incluye su imágen de "poner el caballo adentro del carro"...
Steven retrotrae el debate a sus orígenes:
If you want to look back at calm, polite, reasoned discussions, try Microsoft's Alan Cameron Wills' and IBM's Simon Johnston's blog posts. If you want to see the big guns fighting it out with good old FUD-slinging, try Steve Cook vs. Grady Booch (Dec 3, 2004).
Volveremos sobre esto (vacaciones mediante)...

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