miércoles, febrero 09, 2005

Global Tester: SQA, Metodos de manejo de la Calidad

Jeff Nyman sostiene Global Tester, un sitio dedicado al manejo de calidad en la construcción de software, con énfasis en el testeo. Qué dice sobre el concepto:
GlobalTester is a repository of open content information regarding subjects related to Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Quality Testing. To state what GlobalTester is, it is helpful to consider its goals. One goal of GlobalTester is to provide a wide variety of information about various aspects of a quality initiative that can be used in a variety of organizations that act to bring a product to market, whether that product is hardware, software, Web sites, or anything else within the domain of the Information Technology (IT) industry. On a practical side, a goal of GlobalTester is to be two things simultaneously: (1) a diverse toolbox and repository of methodologies, methods, and practices for a robust quality initiative, and (2) a testing solution framework that emphasizes a broad view of testing to include non-exectuable and executable elements of a development lifecycle and that seeks to promote ways of thinking as well as ways of doing. Another goal of GlobalTester is to be as independent as possible of different management structures, specific tools and software, and staffing realities so as to present a large selection of topics that one can pick and choose from based on relevance and interest.
Qué dice sobre sí mismo Jeff:
Any time a site like this pops up it is logical and prudent to ask what makes the author of the site (and its contents) claim to be an expert in the field that they are talking about. In my case the answer is: absolutely nothing. In general, there is nowhere that I will claim to be an "expert", whatever that truly might be in the context of Quality Assurance. In fact, like everyone else in the industry, I am in a constant state of learning. Thus, even when I learn something there is always the corollary that tells me I have a lot more to learn. The only claim I will categorically make is that I am an individual that is committed to Quality Assurance in my professional life (and even my personal one to a large extent) and that I am committed to disseminating as much information as I can about Quality Assurance to the widest possible audience. I also make the claim that anything I present on this site has had the potential to save me a lot of time and effort at various organizations with which I have been employed. Perhaps more importantly, anything I present on this site has led to improvements in the overall quality efforts and initiatives of which I have been a part.
Adhiero a su punto de vista...( también puedo decir, "especialista en nada, e interesado en todo")

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