jueves, agosto 25, 2011

ERPs e innovación (a propósito de gerenciamiento)

Adam Hartung, comentarista de tecnología de Forbes, compara la dirección de Hewlett Packard con la de Apple, señalando el gerenciamiento "de corte industrial" de HP como gran causa de su progresivo deterioro. Pero hablando de gerenciamiento e innovación, Hartung da una agresiva e interesante visión del software ERP.  Qué dice Hartung:

Now CEO Apotheker’s plan for HP’s growth is selling ERP software from a third-tier competitor. ERP (enterprise resource planning) applications like SAP and Oracle are viewed today as the remarkably expensive, hard to install, hard to maintain, hard to modify, monolithic, bureaucracy creating, innovation killing systems they were designed to be.  ERP applications were created to force companies, functions and employees to replicate previous decisions, in the hopes of increasing control (especially financial control) and cutting operating cost.  Not to learn, or do anything new.  They were designed to create rigidity, and are completely unable to enhance flexibility, market responsiveness and growth.  ERP was the emerging high-tech “solution” in 1992!
It is clear Mr. Apotheker is returning to his previous personal success, as CEO of SAP.  He isn’t looking to the future and how he can meet new, unmet needs.  He’s investing in what he knows, from his past.  His focus on “business solutions” is his way of pushing HP to be more like SAP – only 2 decades too late, against enormously well funded competitors, in a low-growth marketplace looking for new solutions.  Too bad for HPs investors, employees and suppliers.

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