lunes, abril 11, 2011

Ralph Johnson sobre el software complejo

Una breve reflexión de Ralph Johnson sobre el colapso del software complejo:
Clay Shirky had a blog about the collapse of complex business models.  He referred to a book by Joseph Tainter called "The Collapse of Complex Societies" that I put on my must-read list.  The book describes why societies collapse, and implies that it is necessary.  Clay says the same thing about the collapse of complex business models; there is no way for the old companies to adopt the new business model, so they will eventually collapse along with their old business model.  Naturally, I thought about software.  Is there any way to save complex software when it needs to change and can't?   We can refactor it, throw parts away, reuse parts of it.  But is that any different from what collapsing societies do?
Lo relacionaremos en otro momento con el ciclo de vida de los ERPs...

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