martes, septiembre 30, 2008

Plex en Eclipse

Christopher Smith, en su tiempo libre, está desarrollando en SourceForge un plugin para soportar el desarrollo con Plex. Para quien le interese la combinación de Eclipse/Plex.
De su comunicación en el foro de Plex:

The complete Eclipse project for Plex Services for Eclipse is now hosted at SourceForge.

The project is located at

The subversion repository is located at

This project is licenced with the Apache 2.0 open source licence so please use it and contribute.

If you want to just install the plugin, an Eclipse update site is available at

There is a half completed setup page on the Plex WIKI.

Please remember, I'm doing this in my spare time. If it needs a feature or a fix, I will try and help as best as my schedule allows.

If you have a question on how you can extend it and want to share, I will be MORE than happy to answer.

The plugin currently requires at least Eclipse 3.3 and I'm targeting my future development for 3.4.

Como Christopher dice, en la Wiki de Plex se puede encontrar más información:

How does Eclipse relate to Plex?

Plex can generate Java source code for very functional and usable applications. Building, Debugging, Deploying and Managing the generated source is not an easy or straight forward task. Eclipse can handle these tasks for you.

Plex 5.X ships with Microsoft's NMAKE as it's Java Builder (6.0 uses ANT). Building a large Applications can take a very long time. Eclipse can build your application in a fraction of the time. Diagnosing build errors with the compile listings from NMAKE is clumsy, if not impossible. Finding and discovering how to correct build errors in Eclipse is quite simple.

Debugging Java without an IDE can be very difficult. Debugging is inherent part of the Eclipse Platform.

Deploying a Plex Java application is a cumbersome manual process. Eclipse, along with the integrated ANT support, can automate the whole process. You can even create J2EE projects in Eclipse to automate the packaging and deployment of Plex EJB Proxy applications to J2EE servers.

Managing a single developer environment of Plex generated source code and other required artifacts is difficult to impossible, never mind trying to do so in a multi-developer environment. Eclipse provides a "workspace" for each developer and source repository support for source control products like CVS and Subversion.

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