miércoles, febrero 15, 2006

Oracle: interés en Open Source

Dana Blankenhorn comenta en los blogs de ZDNet el incremento de la presión de Oracle sobre nuevos objetivos de control: Recursos de la comunidad de código abierto, MySql en primer lugar. Primero, la compra de InnoDB, y ahora la compra de SleepyCat Software, soporte de Berkeley DB, que tambien puede ser usado como motor de MySql:
Sleepycat, too, can be used as a storage engine with MySQL. Shimp said that its acquisitions of Innobase and Sleepycat do not change Oracle's relationship with MySQL and that both companies will operate as stand-alone entities within Oracle.
Blankenhorn menciona lo que Sarah Lacey comenta en Business Week:
Oracle is in talks to buy at least three open-source software companies in deals that could be valued at more than $600 million, BusinessWeek Online has learned. The transactions would extend the 18-month, $18 billion spending spree by Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison that has engulfed PeopleSoft and Siebel Systems. They would also put Oracle in control of some of the most sought-after open-source projects. Overnight, Redwood Shores [Calif.]-based Oracle would rival IBM (IBM) as the prime evangelist of a movement that's revolutionizing how software is developed and distributed [see BW Online, 2/6/06, "Open Source's New Frontiers"].
Sin embargo, aunque Blankenhorn califica la situación del mercado ERP como duopolio, con Oracle y SAP como controlantes, estima que el código Open Source es de todas formas incontrolable:
In the end open source is a bit like water. It flows no matter what you do. Oracle is going to learn that, but it will take time.

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