miércoles, agosto 13, 2014

Windows 9, ¿a vueltas y revueltas?

Un post de CA en Google+ pone sobre aviso:
We've already said goodbye to Windows XP and now we're saying goodbye to Windows 8. What's next for Windows devotees?
El post remite a una nota de Alex Wilhelm en TechCrunch del 10 de agosto (Saying goodbye to Windows 8) que básicamente adelanta una relativa vuelta atrás de la marcha hacia mobile en la siguiente versión, Windows 9, Threshold, o como finalmente se llame:
If Windows 8 was a dramatic lurch towards mobile computing, especially on tablets, Windows 9 appears to be heading for a more equitable balance between desktop muscle, and mobile capability. That fits into the larger picture of the computing environment, where PCs are stabilizing after a dramatically difficult period, and tablet growth is cooling.
Microsoft needs to ensure that its desktop-facing operating system manages to support the still-large demand for desktop-focused PCs well. That doesn’t meant that Windows, as part of Microsoft’s vaunted ‘one Windows‘ strategy can abandon tablets, but it does mean that the focus needs to be more even.
¿Es una vuelta atrás completa? Imposible, particularmente si tomamos en cuenta el cambio de arquitectura ya producido (WinRT):
So back to the desktop? Not entirely. Microsoft isn’t backing down from the Windows Store. It isn’t abandoning the Start Screen. Live Tiles do not appear to be going anywhere, on Windows or Windows Phone. Instead the company seems to be at once focusing on providing a Windows 7-quality desktop experience in Windows, while also tying that desktop life to its new mobile-friendly interface, and apps.
That’s why it’s widely expected that Metro apps will be able to run in a windowed-fashion on the desktop in Windows 9, better bringing the Windows Store into the most popular side of Windows.
¿Se trata de un movimiento inesperado (o mejor dicho inesperable)? Creo que no ¿Favorece a sus clientes y usuarios este camino errático? Seguramente tampoco.
Hay mucho tiempo para estudiar la transición...de la transición.
Más información de interés sobre Windows 9 en TechRadar.

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