sábado, marzo 19, 2011

La fragil red...

En soporte de la posibilidad de que afrontemos una nueva burbuja financiera en Internet, un artículo de fines de 2010, actualizado con los últimos serios rumores de venta de Delicious:
We are all obsessed with sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin at the moment but rewind a few years to when the term Web 2.0 first popped up and a whole host of different sites were the hot young startups destined for great things.
It’s amazing what a couple of years do though because as we can see below, some of the biggest sites from the “Web 2.0 generation” are either on a massive decline, facing huge competition or about to be closed down. There’s a good lesson here to highlight; how the hype cycle around websites and services can come and go and what was once lauded and destined for great things can within a couple of years shut down and be abandoned…
(...) you shouldn’t hedge all your bets when building up social media profiles or community within a site. Even though you are getting great results or find a site massively useful at the moment doesn’t mean that in a couple of years it will be the same site. Trends come and go faster than ever on the Internet and sites that you one couldn’t live without are obsolete within a couple of years. I just cringe at some of the money brands poured in to the likes of Bebo to try and promote their products and grow an audience and what are they left with now that Bebo is in a digital cemetery? There are probably sites out there that we all use and love on a daily basis which in a couple of years will be closing their doors and it’s important to just be mindful of that.

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