lunes, agosto 29, 2005

Le interesan a todos los estándares y la compatibilidad?

Developer publica un artículo sobre el test de conformidad Acid2, del Web Standards Project:

While it would seem that getting your browser to display the grinning face is simple, getting it to pass the Acid2 test is anything but. Currently there are 90 recommendations within the W3C, ranging from Cascading Style Sheets 2 (CSS 2) and HTML 4.01 to XML-binary Optimized Packaging.

WaSP's test doesn't try to incorporate all 90 recommendations, just the ones the group believes should be in all browsers based on Web developer input. It looks for basic support of HTML 4, CSS 1, data URLs and Portable Network Graphics (PNG), as well as particular implementations from these and other specifications.

The goal of the test is to get browsers to implement the Web standards tested in a consistent fashion, so what the Web surfers see using IE is the same as what another views in Safari, for example.

Lo probé con Mozilla Firefox 1.06 y con IE 6.02. El resultado es frustrante. IE 7.0 no lo soportará, según señala el artículo, y, en fin, solo tres browsers lo consiguen: Safari, iCab, y Konqueror.

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