martes, mayo 17, 2005

El compromiso europeo con MDA

Dos muestras del notable interés comprometido en Europa con la consolidación de un estándar MDD: Modelware y UMT-QTV
Modelware en su presentación en dos palabras:

There is a growing gap between the demands of the end-users and the solutions the currently used methods of software development achieve. A paradigm to close this gap consists of the use of models for the construction of software. Model Driven Development (MDD) puts this concept on the critical path of the software development. The ultimate goal of the project MODELWARE is the large-scale deployment of Model Driven Development.

MODELWARE has three major objectives:

  • Objective A: To develop a solution to enable a 15-20% productivity increase of software systems development. This solution will be based on MDD.
  • Objective B: To lead the industrialisation of the solution.
  • Objective C: To ensure the successful adoption of that solution by industry.

Based on the exploitation of higher levels of abstractions in the specification and design of software systems, MODELWARE provides a rigorous and coherent framework bringing major improvements in engineering processes. The framework automates the production of most software artefacts (tests, documentation, code, etc) and allows better capitalisation of know-how.

MODELWARE establishes the missing link between advanced formal approaches proposed by the academic communities and more traditional industry driven engineering solutions.

MODELWARE defines and develops the complete infrastructure required for large scale deployment of Model Driven Development strategies and validates it in several business areas. MODELWARE combines innovations in modelling technologies, tool development (both generic and domain specific), standardization, experimentations, change management, and users-suppliers relationships.

Entre otros colaboradores destacables, tales como France Telecom, el Fraunhofer Gesellschaft de Alemania, e IBM UK, quisiera destacar a la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, y a Jean Bézivin, por el Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique de Francia.

UMT-QTV en su parca presentación:

UMT-QVT is a tool for model transformation and code generation of UML/XMI models. UMT-QVT provides an environment in which new generators can be plugged in. The tool environment is implemented in Java. Generators are implemented in either XSLT or Java.

UMT-QVT is the 'Sourceforge' name for the UMT tool, which is short for UML Model Transformation Tool. It is not, as you may or may not assume, an implementation of the forthcoming OMG QVT (Query, View, Transformation) standard. However, it might migrate towards that eventually.....

Jon Oldevik, de Noruega, ofrece más información en su sitio ModelBased.

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